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In 1993 a Guatemalan named Sergio Sanchinelli came to the United States and began working for a Landscaping firm in the North Shore area of Chicago.

Among working hard and learning the English language, Sanchi began to acquire knowledge of the business itself. He attended seminars, studied multiple landscaping fields and began developing various innovative ideas.

With the help of his customers, Sanchi found Sanchi Lawn Services, Inc. in 2006. It's best known as a new and dynamic landscaping company, serving the North  shore side of Chicago, Illinois.   

Sanchi trains his employees to exemplify the greatest customer service one can receive. They demonstrate Responsibility, Honesty, Knowledge and are always up to date with all Landscaping Issues they may face.

With Sanchi, our only goal is your satisfaction!.

Services we do

Design ... 

Your yard is often the first impression that visitors will get of your home, so you don’t want to trust it to just anyone. Finding the right landscaping business is an important step in creating a yard that you can be proud of and that will offer years of enjoyment to your family.


Design on the go...

An innovative program created to satisfy your immediate ideas, from a simple planters design to a whole front and back design and modify in record time.

Installation ...

We install our designs very professional and under close supervision to make sure the goal is achieve. (Complete)

Maintenance service...

Our weekly maintenance is a very important field for us.  We train and supervises our employees in a monthly basis to address our mutual goals.

We always do the best on us to create and maintain a beautiful environment, so you can enjoy your yard at any time.

We also offer different maintenance programs; weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, to satisfy your needs, so please just ask and we can work in many ways.

Seasonal services:

We offer other services:  Power washing, sealing, fencing, fencing repairs, mulching, trimming, pruning, spring clean ups, fall clean ups, custom snow plowing, planters design and installation, gutter cleaning, drainages, tree trimming, and much more!.

Holiday Ideas:

Swap and change of scenery according to the time of the year, Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter

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